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About Us

The Scientific tree's initiation towards meeting pursuing collective goals of scientific communities around the world. Sharing the ideas to facilitate the research and development in different fields of science through organising conferences and workshops internationally is the most important thing we do. We provide a platform for scientists and researchers from same or similar fields to communicate directly.

The Scientific Tree promotes the conferences and open discussions based on science field. Expert talks in these conferences will be a major help for the scientists and researchers who are looking towards an intense understanding of any field related to science. These discussions make them learn more advanced aspects of their field of research.

These conferences provide a means of widespread of the ideas and information which couldn't be found on general communication channels. The conference venues will be selected according to the interests of the participating scientists. Every time we conduct a conference the reviews and suggestions we get from the participant scientists reflect us to organise more such events around the world. A dedicated team of executives research on further conference topics and the place to be conducted. All our conferences summary and information on future events will be published on our blog and other communication channels.